Women united to end domestic violence

Experts and activists supported by the Fale Sem Medo Fund gathered to explain the current challenges in tackling domestic violence. The initiative is the result of a partnership between Instituto Avon and ELAS Fundo de Investimento Social, partners of Sitawi Financeira do Bem.

According to data from the 2015 Violence Map, Brazil already registers 13 feminicides per day and that one in five women has already suffered some type of violence. In 70% of the cases the aggressor is the partner, or former partner. The Ligue 180 service registered 76,651 reports of violence in 2015 and more than 60% of the cases were black women. In 2016, the Maria da Penha Law completes 10 years, but we still need to move forward, as prevention policies still do not act in the highest levels of coercion.

Gender equality, with empowerment of girls and women is the theme of the fifth item of the Sustainable Development Goals. This goal calls for an end to discrimination (5.1) and violence (5.2) against women and girls. In addition to the dimension of citizenship and the right to life, the goal also deals with economic issues, seeking reforms that lead to equal rights to property, control over land, financial resources, inheritance and natural resources (5.a). As a strategy to empower women, there is the use of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), on which target 5.b.

Watch the video #10anosLeiMariadaPenha: What are the challenges?

To learn more about the ELAS Social Investment Fund, visit: http://www.fundosocialelas.org/

To learn more about the Speak Without Fear Fund, visit: http://www.fundosocialelas.org/falesemmedo/informacoes.php

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