Acceleration platform supports activist groups in Pará in mobilizing citizens for socio-environmental changes

Despite the Amazon playing a central role in relation to the climate agenda, today the discussion around it is still far from reality and real local challenges, and local civil society has little space in strategic forums for its propositions and demands. Furthermore, despite the fundamental role they play, many local organizations share a pain: the lack of structure and resources to execute projects and grow.

With that in mind, the IARA platform (Innovation and Acceleration in the Amazon Region) was created to strengthen and amplify activist groups and organizations in Pará, which are articulating changes and building a better Amazon for people and nature. IARA ensures these agents have more tools and resources available to them to grow and continue to make an impact.

The IARA platform was conceived by Purpose Brasil, a global organization formed by activists that creates impactful solutions to promote changes in the world, and developed with the support of Impact Hub, a business and entrepreneurial projects promoter. A Sitawi is responsible for the financial management of the platform's Philanthropic Fund.


The Philanthropic Fund selected, through a public notice, 7 organizations that seek changes in the axes of sustainable mobility, economy of the standing forest, basic sanitation and access to water and defense of the territory, to participate in an acceleration journey lasting three months .

The journey began with a training process consisting of workshops and mentoring, where methodologies and tools for creating impact campaigns were shared. In this way, IARA will lead the initiatives in a practical learning path where each organization will build its own campaign with the support of a team of strategists, campaigners and creatives provided by the platform.

Biweekly workshops and a customized consulting service will also be offered for three months, with a focus on supporting initiatives in their biggest organizational challenges, so that they develop autonomy and enhance their work. Each initiative will receive support of R$35 thousand to run their campaigns and help with institutional development. You can check the full announcement here.

Learn more about IARA by accessing the site.

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