Why Impact Investing?

We are challenging traditional views that social and environmental issues should only be addressed through philanthropic donations, and that market investments should focus exclusively on financial returns.

the market for Impact Investment offers diverse and viable opportunities for investors to support the advancement of social and/or environmental solutions that also produce financial returns.

Investors of various types are entering the impact investing market with the following motivations:

Banks, pension funds, financial advisors and wealth managers may offer investment opportunities to clients who have an interest in environmental and/or social causes in general or specific.

Institutional and family foundations can LEVERAGE SIGNIFICANTLY GREATER ASSETS to advance their key social and/or environmental goals while maintaining or increasing their overall endowment.

Government investors and development finance institutions they can PROVIDE PROOF OF FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY to private sector investors while targeting specific social and environmental objectives.

Source: https://thegiin.org/impact-investing/need-to-know/#what-is-impact-investing 

At Sitawi, we chose to focus on crowdlending as it is a structure that allows selecting businesses in the scale phase to receive a relevant injection of capital to establish their operations without adding the complexity of the relationship with investors, offering a cheaper and patient capital that, on the other hand, it is attractive to investors because it has a positive impact on income and several other advantages:

Discover the main advantages for YOU to be able to #InvestirNoImpacto through the Collective Loan Platform of Sitawi:

POSITIVE SOCIAL AND/OR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Diversify your investments with organizations that were born with the purpose of generating positive social and environmental impact.

INVESTMENT THAT FITS IN YOUR POCKET: Possibility of investing in impact businesses directly and with affordable tickets (Minimum investment: R$ 1,000.00.

PRE-FIXED MONTHLY INCOME: Know exactly how much your investment will pay off each month from the start!

ATTRACTIVE PROFITABILITY: In addition to investing according to your values, your profitability is significantly higher than the CDI and savings!

SITAWI EXPERTISE IN IMPACT INVESTMENT: By co-investing with Sitawi, you know that you are investing in organizations that generate positive socio-environmental impact, closely monitored by the team at Sitawi, which counts on the accumulated expertise of more than a decade of experience in impact investing.

CONSERVATION OF THE AMAZON (thematic round): The forest is worth more standing than on the ground. By investing in these organizations, you are investing in an economy that keeps the forest standing and values local populations.


Invest in Businesses with a Positive Social and Environmental Impact! Register on Sitawi's Collective Lending Platform.


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