We are Sitawi. Welcome.

We are here to redefine the role of capital through positive social and environmental impact. 
For that, we mobilize and manage resources for those who want to build a better future.

If you got here, it's because you want to be part of this movement. Come along with us!


What if it were different?

It was from this question that Sitawi emerged, in 2008, with the mission of mobilizing capital for positive socio-environmental impact. Our courage has enabled us to be a pioneering organization in advancing innovative financial solutions for impact, developing financial infrastructure for the Impact Economy.

We focus on four major action fronts: Impact Investment, connecting investors to social entrepreneurs through our Crowdlending Platform; the management of Philanthropy (Fiscal Sponsorship); developing financial mechanisms to preserve biodiversity and face climate challenges; and the management of Endowments.

Our impact is real. It's measurable. It's positive.
More than 14 million Brazilian lives have already benefited from our actions. 

We join forces and resources to enable positive changes - for the planet, economy, and society.

We are a brand of impact, of cause, of purpose.

Do we want to make an impact? not only for the individual good, but for a greater and collective good. It is capital for the benefit of the world. It is the capital to create a positive future. It is the capital to make purposes viable. Are we here for?

Reframe the role of capital to enable positive changes.

That is our purpose.

Our values

Make an impact first
Our focus is on taking care of the future. Before thinking about profitability, we think about the positive impact that capital can generate. This motivates us to think and act in the long term. Choosing the destination for capital based on the route that will bring the most social and environmental benefits.
Share responsibility for change
Changing the course of the future requires teamwork. Everyone is responsible for doing their part, and every part matters in the process of changing the future through positive impact. Always in favor of a common vision, based on the ideal of sustainability and the common good.
Innovate and lead by the best example
We work to be the reference we would like to have. We seek to be an example for the quality of what we deliver and for our practices. We value different points of view and the potential of each one.
Act with empathy
We believe that actively listening to the most diverse realities makes a difference. And, from that place of empathy, to act, move and make decisions keeping in mind the perspective of the other and of all the other agents of the ecosystem.
Act transparently
The management and destination of capital need to be clear and direct. It's about management and accountability. But, more than exposing these movements, it is also about having an understandable discourse and simplifying the subjects we work with for our audiences.
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Why Sitawi?

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