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Hi, we are Sitawi. 

We are here to redefine the role of capital through positive socio-environmental impact. 

And we believe that we are all part of the change. 

If you've come to us, it's because you want to be part of this movement too. 

Work with us and make a difference.

We will? 

Areas of expertise

For us, the positive impact comes first. 

We use the approach of Blended Finance to leverage philanthropic capital and encourage investments in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thus, we create attractive financial mechanisms for both the social entrepreneur and the impact investor. This is our way of combining investment with return and purpose.

For us, philanthropy is an enabler of transformative purposes.

We take care of managing and directing resources to social and environmental causes efficiently. Flexible. Transparent. Audible. And not only that: customers also rely on the operational expertise of our team, ensuring compliance and savings – of time, resources and effort. Sitawi takes care of everything so that the leadership donate 100% to the design and implementation of the initiative. 

For us, generating socio-environmental impact means achieving a positive future.

We make the connection between capital, biodiversity and climate. We develop financial mechanisms that improve resource management. Thus, we guarantee efficiency and alignment of incentives among the actors. This is our way of conserving the environment and facing climate challenges. 

We direct resources to the sustainability of socio-environmental impact projects in partnership with Endowments do Brasil. The capital – from donations of resources or goods – generates income and increases the sustainability of beneficiary organizations. Through the logic of multi-cause funds, we enable equity funds of any size, with convenience and a high level of compliance.

* Endowments do Brasil is the first multi-cause and multi-beneficiary Endowments Management Organization adhering to Law 13.800/19.

our internal areas

Communication and Marketing

The communication and marketing area guarantees the visibility of our brand and is responsible for: content strategy, positioning, press relations, events, internal and external communication.

Financial administration

The financial administrative area ensures our social action and is responsible for: resource management, operations, facilities, contracts, processes, institutional policies and personal administration

People and Culture

Among our values as a brand, the management and culture area guarantees joint work with leaders to supervise a healthy environment, harmonious working relationships and the appreciation of people as our great differential.

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization

The Partnerships and Relationship area is responsible for mobilizing resources – both from donors and investors – for organizations, in view of our three directions: areas of impact investing, territorial programs and philanthropic funds.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The plurality of each collaborating person is necessary for the development of Sitawi. Therefore, We work equitably, respecting differences, empowering people and valuing their individual capabilities.

We work to make this more and more a part of who we are as an organization. To bring this perspective to reality, we founded a Diversity Group, which supports and monitors Sitawi's Diversity Agenda. We carry out actions of inclusion, connecting people and creating a space for exchange and reception. 

In addition, we have adopted an Inclusive Recruitment Policy, in which we prioritize people who belong to groups of diversity (black people, indigenous people, transsexuals, PwDs, mothers with children up to 5 years old, immigrants and refugees and who studied in a public school or university through quota programs or socio-economic scholarships).

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