Our brand

Changes are necessary. 
Not only in the world, but also in us. 
A brand that lives and breathes for positive impact transformations need, from time to time, to look within. 
And renew yourself. 
Because we believe that this is how difference is made.

We've changed, but we're still here. 
For the world, for the future, for society.
We transform our shapes, our colors, our look. 
We evolve our beliefs, our purpose, our way of thinking. 
We reveal our most human side, more vibrant. And that doesn't give up the impact. 
This time, we worked on an internal change. 
After all, we look outside, dream and make it happen. 
But look inside and wake up. 
And we want to wake you up too.

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Understand our brand

Go straight to the point

We value the essential. We show that the brief is effective and, many times, more remarkable than something long. We are succinct to impact.

has impact

Our approach is provocative, awakening a sense of urgency. We use data and facts to make people step out of the ordinary and value our cause. We mobilize with the truth.

bring hope

Our vision is transformative, even in adversity scenarios. We encourage change. We believe that showing what's possible is also a powerful way to make an impact.


We want to promote a collective transformation. The more people that come together for our cause, the better. Through the example and the result of our work, we show that reality can be better.

We are a brand of impact, of cause, of purpose.

And, in this moment of transformation, we rethink our role.

We want to make an impact – not only for the individual good, but for the greater good and collective. It is capital for the benefit of the world. It is the capital to create a positive future. It is the capital to enable purposes. We are here for…

Redefining the role of capital to boost transformative purposes.

That it's our purpose.