R$5.8 million mobilized for investment with a positive socio-environmental impact

In 2020, the Sitawi mobilized R$5.8 million through the Collective Loan Platform, which was created with the objective of making impact investing accessible. We supported 11 impact businesses in 3 rounds throughout the year, mobilizing 195 investors and advancing towards the democratization of impact investing in Brazil.

The impact businesses supported by the Platform have different areas of activity, such as agriculture, solid waste, audiovisual, technology and others. These businesses can use the resources to leverage their operations, generating even more profit and, mainly, a positive social and/or environmental impact on society.

Among the organizations that participated in the fundraising held in 2020 is YouGreen, a cooperative that promotes the integrated management of solid waste. The cooperative has almost 50 members, including ex-prisoners, immigrants, refugees, shelter residents and transsexuals, guaranteeing fair wages and decent work for all. Services range from separation, sorting and collection of waste to final disposal, including advice on compliance with legal and health standards and training of cleaning teams.

Due to its results and its pioneering model, the Collective Lending Platform was the big winner of the Environmental Finance IMPACT Awards 2020 in the Impact Initiative of the Year category in Latin America and the Caribbean. The awards seek to recognize and reward the work of impact investors globally, and highlight best practices and thought leadership across all asset classes worldwide.

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