Rafael Ribeiro talks about innovation in the public sector for the platform UM BRASIL

Sitawi's Social Impact Bonds coordinator participated in a debate on innovation in public management held by the UM BRASIL platform. Mediated by Sabine Righetti, the panel was also integrated by Willian Bueno e Silva, Infrastructure analyst at the Ministry of Planning and Rafaela Dias Romero, Master in Transport Engineering and Public Management.

When questioned about the possibility of having efficiency in the public sector, a counterpoint is made on the concept of efficiency in its application in the public and private sectors. Rafael comments that the idea of efficiency is usually linked to delivering the same service or product at a lower cost.

According to him, the pursuit of efficiency will have a different meaning in operating arrangements and highlights the relevance of effectiveness in the public sector. Serving the population in an even better way, which takes into account the social impact and not just the financial one, implementing solutions that will make the system as a whole more efficient.

When mentioning examples of social innovations, the examples of home care for chronic patients, reduction of criminal recidivism and school evasion. Rafael points out the importance of preventing collective problems and emphasizes the importance of thinking about the impact and not just the offer.

The debate held in partnership with  The Columbia Global Centers l Rio de Janeiro can be seen in full at following video:


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