Positive and measurable impact in 2022: check out our Annual Report

We celebrate our performance in 2022 with the launch of Sitawi's 14th Annual Report, which summarizes our results. The Sitawi team's work with partners enabled +R$80 million to be mobilized through 51 Philanthropic Funds, 9 Collective Loan Platform businesses and many other projects with socio-environmental impact. Our purpose goes beyond capital, as do our results: by 2022, we will help conserve +1 million hectares in the Amazon and positively impact 12 million people, directly or indirectly. 

In addition to presenting our impact, the Annual Report celebrates the institutional achievements we had in 2022. We were again certified as an excellent place to work by Great Place to Work, we are for the 5th time among the 100 Best Brazilian NGOs and we were considered as the 6th most influential NGO in Brazil by The Dot Good. 

These recognitions demonstrate how our work has been valued by important initiatives in the social impact and innovation sector. This gives us more visibility and attracts partnerships that enable an increasingly better work, as we connect different agents to promote socio-environmental transformation. Our CEO, Leonardo Letelier, reinforces the importance of supporting and being supported by other members and organizations of the 3rd sector:

?We want to be an organization that promotes the impact ecosystem. And this necessarily involves our partners, who are extremely important for the work we do, to redefine the role of capital in Brazilian society and to promote purposes for its transformation?.

-Leonardo Letelier, CEO of Sitawi

year of transformations

The year 2022 marked our evolution. We transform our shapes, our colors, our look. The usual Sitawi, made of impact, inspiration and hope, now more modern, active and present.

Our report also followed this movement, focusing our actions on the people who make things happen and those who have their lives transformed. With a modern and reformulated visual identity, we continue to bring material that explains the human part behind the organization, with diversity numbers and testimonials about our trajectory in 2022. 

We had a significant growth in the number of employees in the last year and we are proud to say that most leadership positions are held by women and that almost half of the team is made up of black professionals. These are some of the numbers that demonstrate our concern to grow as an inclusive, ethical organization that promotes good from the inside out.

Transparency and efficiency

Evolution did not stop there. In 2022, we created a Compliance cell, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and well-defined and compliant processes. In addition, we closed the year by strengthening our executive board, with Edel Wegbrayt and Bruno Girardi. ?We want everyone to be interested in our activities? be they our partners, investors, authorities, other third sector actors, or the public in general – can they have access to our numbers and results?, concludes Letelier. 

finance and innovation

In the material it is possible to follow the evolution of our disbursements for social impact and our financial results. We present the highlights of what happened on our four fronts, through cases of our impact. We connect financial, administrative and management information with the results they generate at the end, bringing socio-environmental improvements throughout the Brazilian territory.

Learn more about our impact and activities in 2022.

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