?Sitawi? The multiplication of good? ? This Is Money 6/8/15

About 10.5 million Brazilians fall into extreme poverty. These citizens are deprived of almost all rights and survive with the collaboration of people who are sensitive to their precarious living conditions. The problem is that this aid is usually sporadic, which explains why Brazil appears in 90th place in the world ranking of donations, behind much poorer countries, such as Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

?We need to stimulate the philanthropic culture in the country in such a way that people not only donate more, but also donate better?, says Leonardo Letelier, president of Sitawi Finance for Good. Founded in 2008, the company aims to promote social transformation in the country. For this, it proposes to establish a bridge between social organizations and donors.

Among other activities, Sitawi manages philanthropic funds, offers loans at lower rates to NGOs, provides consultancy on socio-environmental risk and even promotes fundraising campaigns. Is it with these initiatives that the company generates its own revenue? the budget for this year is estimated at R$ 1.3 million. ?Our aim is to bring more efficiency to the social sector?, says Letelier, a graduate of the financial market.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that one of Sitawi's best-known supporters is former Central Bank president Arminio Fraga. As in the world of finance, the numbers in the social segment are also important and expressive. In seven years of operation, more than 150,000 people have benefited from the 33 projects, which received R$ 6 million in investments. This means that every R$ 1 donated generated R$ 4 in social impact. Undoubtedly a good number for the country.

Source: This Is Money website

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