Sitawi now at O Polen. Ever heard of it?

Innovative, the platform supports NGOs by attracting donations from commissions on online purchases in the largest network e-commerce! And the best, it doesn't cost even 1 cent more to the Internet user.

Since the beginning of August, Sitawi has been part of the group of institutions supported by the Pollen, a project that encourages innovative forms of fundraising. With a turnover of billions of reais annually, e-commerce has become a good way to channel support for NGOs and their causes.

It is a website app, still exclusive to the Chrome browser, which allows every purchase made online at around 100 partner stores to become percentages of support for the cause defined by the internet user. This without the user withdrawing any more penny from his pocket, in addition to the value of his purchase. The store itself is responsible for sending a portion of the sale to the chosen institution. That way it's much simpler to donate, since the donor doesn't spend anything more for it. Yes, it's donating and supporting a cause without spending!

To make a donation with Polen, it is necessary to add the Pollinator Ray to the Chrome browser. There is a step by step available in the video below explaining the details, but the idea is that whenever you make a purchase at one of the partner stores, a bar will appear on the right side of the page with the button ?Choose Help?. In this way, the donor does not need to memorize all the agreed sites. Will he be notified at the time of purchase? and there are already around 100 associated stores, such as, NetShoes, TAM, Gol, Polishop, Nike, Animale, Submarino, Fastshop and several others.

After downloading the app (extension for the Google Chrome browser), the donor only needs to choose a cause, make an online purchase with the same convenience and, at the end of the purchase, become a donor and supporter of a social and/or environmental cause.

Watch the video > the pollen

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