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Atina is an organization that works with an innovative teaching methodology for active learning. This methodology values the context that connects people to their world and seeks, through it, to awaken the curiosity and motivation of students to learn and teachers to teach.

Sitawi supported the initiative through the Socio-environmental Loan mechanism, enabling the development of its methodology for Elementary School I. With the current methodology and the one to be developed for Elementary School I, the organization hopes to reduce dropout rates and accelerate student learning. students through more sense and meaning in the teaching and learning process. ?We found the perfect partnership with Sitawi to move forward with our proposal for Elementary School I, a phase that we have been planning to attend for some time. In addition to the resource, the intellectual contribution offered made all the difference in our decision and we hope that it can even leverage the current actions, thus overflowing the primary focus of the investment?, commented Vinicius Saraceni, general director of Atina.

The lack of context and connection with what is taught in schools, the difficulty of relating the content to the student's day-to-day life and of understanding the benefits of education in their future potentiate school dropout rates. Currently, only 43% of Brazilians over 25 have completed high school ? the average for member countries of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) is 65%. And more: 1 out of every four Brazilians drop out of school annually. This has an impact on society as a whole and, immediately, on one of the main bottlenecks, which is income distribution: the more years of study, the more wages increase and the better income distribution becomes.

Atina proposes to go to the heart of the educational process by helping to awaken the student's interest. Show him that what is worked on in class is full of meaning in relation to his own life. It's as if he gained a lens to see the world with a scientific eye. And how do you perceive these relationships? and that this perception can transform his life? you will want to know more and more about the world, life and make many connections. This layer of meaning that Atina proposes to help awaken aims to transform classes no longer into an obstacle to a better life for the student, his family, community or state, but a springboard for knowledge. Thus, the organization believes that the student will want to enter the school door knowing that he will have the opportunity to know more and better and to have a life with a perspective full of meanings.

?Elementary School 1 is the segment that equips students with the most essential tools to advance in any area of knowledge, in any context: it is the segment in which alphabetization of letters and numbers is developed. And being able to actively participate in this moment, helping younger students to make sense of it – and thus begin to decipher the world with more quality – is extraordinary!?, said Vinicius.logo_atina

With an innovative methodology, the company has already reached around 500,000 students from 430 municipalities; trained more than 1,000 teachers and expects to reach the mark of 1 million students by the end of 2018. After the implementation of a public policy anchored in the Atina methodology, the state education network of Bahia became the number 1 in Brazil in submission of projects at FEBRACE (Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair, Poli-USP) and even multiplied by 12 the number of projects at FECIBA (Bahia Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fair). 

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