Sitawi signs the 1st cooperation term to structure the Social Impact Bond in Brazil

Sitawi Financeira do Bem signed a technical cooperation agreement with the Deputy Governorship of the State of Ceará to carry out the process of structuring Social Impact Contracts in the State. The first project, which was prioritized by the Government, is the dehospitalization of chronic patients. The signature marked the launch of the Feasibility Analysis, which aims to define the results, metrics, target population, assistance models and scope of services and the quantification of social and economic benefits.

On November 18 and 19, 2015, the 1st Workshop on Social Impact Contracts in the State of Ceará was held in collaboration with the IDB, where ideas for possible Social Impact Bonds were generated, including health. Social Finance UK provided technical support and monitoring for the development and application of the methodologies used in the SIB structuring process in Ceará.

Sitawi coordinates the technical health groups in the secretariat, the technical support group with external multidisciplinary specialists and the validation and articulation group, which involves several areas within the Government, such as planning, finance, attorney general and controllership of the State, group directed by the Deputy Governor. Also at this stage, Sitawi will identify and contact interested investors, appraisers and operators.

We will keep our blog updated with the latest news from SIBs in Brazil! Check out more information also on the portal SIB Hub!

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