Sitawi is the fifth most influential NGO in Brazil, according to The Dot Good

Sitawi was recognized as the 5th most influential organization in Brazil and climbed 13 positions in the global ranking, reaching 86th place among the 200 most influential social organizations in the world, according to The Dot Good (former NGO Advisor).

The ranking, one of the most internationally respected, lists the Top 200 Social Good Organizations (SGOs) in the world based on the logic of ?Social Good Sphere? ? or ?Sphere of Social Good? in Portuguese ? that organizations are part of, considering aspects of social governance centered on people, innovation and social impact.

?We are very happy with this news, which is the result of the dedication of the entire team. Receiving this recognition again and still rising in the ranking characterizes Sitawi's constant movement of evolution. We want to be a dynamic organization of the impact ecosystem. And that necessarily goes through our partnerships and our recognitions, which are extremely important for the work we do, to re-signify the role of capital in Brazilian society and to promote purposes for its transformation”, celebrates Leonardo Letelier, CEO and founder from Sitawi. 

The Dot Good follows the work of many non-governmental organizations around the world. The selection combines evidence-based quantitative analysis with qualitative research on the performance of organizations. 
Know the profile from Sitawi on the platform and learn more about our work.

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