Sitawi is the most active impact investor in Brazil

THE Sitawi closed the year 2019 as the most active impact investor in Brazil. In all, since the beginning of the organization, 50 transactions have been carried out for more than 30 impact businesses across the country, benefiting thousands of people. 

"To the Sitawi, it is an honor to have supported these entrepreneurs who are causing such profound transformations in our society. Being the most active impact investor in Brazil in terms of the number of businesses supported is a joy, but the demand and potential for growth are enormous and indicate that we are only at the beginning of the journey”, said Andrea Resende, social finance manager at Sitawi.

To celebrate this milestone, the Sitawi decided to share the story of four impact businesses on their social networks, showing the relevance of each of them to society: Inteceleri, Instituto Peabiru, Egalitê and Fleximedical.

I inteceleri

Founded in 2013 in Pará, Inteceleri is a startup from Pará that was born from the initiative of parents and teachers in the face of a national reality: students with difficulties in learning mathematics in a traditional format.

The company develops teaching methodologies, supported by digital educational games and virtual reality equipment, which are used by teachers and students. All content is developed to associate the problems proposed in the school environment with the student's daily life, favoring the development of the mathematical sense in an interactive and playful way, focusing on the student's protagonism.

Inteceleri has already benefited more than 249 thousand students and more than 8 thousand teachers in 14 cities in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. 

THE Sitawi supported Inteceleri for the development of a learning application called Geometricando. In addition to financial support, the Sitawi offered its expertise to develop a more structured business plan and to monitor the company's Management and Finance.

Peabiru Institute

The Peabiru Institute is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP), whose mission is to facilitate processes of strengthening social organization and valuing sociobiodiversity. Headquartered in Belém, it operates nationwide, especially in the Amazon biome, with an emphasis on Marajó, Northeast Pará and the Metropolitan Region of Belém (PA). 

Its activities are based on four areas: Biodiversity Conservation: in the enhancement of pollinators in environmental services, revitalization of mangroves, conservation of private areas and support for the revitalization of the Zoobotanical Park of the Goeldi Museum, in Belém. Agroforestry: in technical assistance to Family Farmers, Traditional Peoples and Communities, to strengthen socio-biodiversity value chains (especially stingless bee honey, cassava, açaí and fishing), including marketing in partnership with the company Peabiru Produtos da Floresta. Social Protection: in guaranteeing the basic rights of Children, Youth and Women, especially through the implementation of the UNICEF Seal, in the nine states of the legal Amazon. Corporate Social and Environmental Action: in partnership with companies and business associations, with emphasis on participation in the Parceiros pela Amazônia (PPA) Platform. 

Instituto Peabiru went through delicate moments and needed funding to overcome this phase that almost forced the institution to close its doors. Understanding the importance of the Peabiru Institute, the Sitawi financially supported and offered its expertise so that the Institute could restructure and continue its socio-environmental impact.


Egalitê is a consultancy specializing in the inclusion of people with disabilities in the job market, preparing companies, their managers, HR and staff to receive these people in the best possible way, as well as preparing people with disabilities to be able to take on opportunities, for capacity building and training.

The services provided are: Recruitment of professionals with disabilities: through technological tools and qualified employees, they identify people with disabilities who are qualified to fulfill the functions proposed for the opportunities; Lectures and Trainings: empower employees and managers to generate more results in inclusion. Research and analysis on the inclusion of PWD: The objective is to collect information on the current status of inclusion of people with disabilities within the company for future improvements. Accessibility Analysis and Inclusion Projects: They check the physical structure and plan the company's inclusive actions. Consulting and Support: They help the company in the organization of documents for audits related to the inclusion of people with disabilities and in the formatting of action plans for competent authorities. 

Egalitê saw the need to structure a marketing team to publicize its company. THE Sitawi offered affordable capital to the company, with below-market interest rates and decision-making support due to our impact business expertise.


Fleximedical is a pioneer in the construction and architecture of containers, portable units, trucks and healthcare vans. Its performance enables needy regions to have exemplary medical care. Founded in 2005 as a technological innovation company in the health area, Fleximedical innovated by creating medical instruments and furniture, consolidating itself in the market with the support of institutions such as FAPESP, USP, CNPQ and CIETEC.

In 2012, to support and facilitate the construction of mobile medical centers, Fleximedical joined CIES Global to supply its units. In this way, it simplifies the replication of the CIES model and offers health solutions with a social bias. With a team composed of specialists in project design, installation and maintenance of health units, Fleximedical focuses on two important values: inclusion and sustainability. For them, each project is unique. Therefore, depending on the access conditions and size of the community to be served, Fleximedical proposes the best physical structure optimizing the cost/benefit ratio and builds it. CIES, in turn, is dedicated to providing excellent medical care and process management, with a focus on humanization and training.

Its service model generated a demand that Fleximedical was not prepared to receive. They had only one truck and saw the need to build another truck so that they could continue serving patients with the same quality. THE Sitawi supported Fleximedical through financial resources that allowed the construction of a new mobile service unit, generating more positive impact on the lives of thousands of people.

Impact Investment in Sitawi

The Impact Investment area of Sitawi focuses on mobilizing resources to invest and strengthen impact businesses in Brazil. Historically, our support has focused on organizations undergoing growth and consolidation that seek capital in tickets between R$ 50 thousand to R$ 1 million. These are businesses that live the so-called “valley of death”, in which they are too large to operate with their own capital, but too small for venture capital funds or accessing commercial credit on good terms.

In order to strengthen these organizations and the positive impact they generate worldwide, we offer affordable capital and adequate technical assistance. To deepen the impact of our work, we consolidated the support program for entrepreneurs, with the main axes described below. Reinforcing our commitment with the positive impact, we deepened the use of the theory of change in line with the strategy of supported organizations.

Watch the testimonials of our supported entrepreneurs:

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