Sitawi is present at the 2023 ABCR Festival with a lecture on Equity Funds

The edition of Festival ABCR 2023, the biggest fundraising event in Latin America, took place this month in São Paulo and brought more than 70 lectures with different focuses. In one of the spaces, Leonardo Letelier, CEO of Sitawi, presented curiosities about the Equity Funds mechanism in an interactive way, to engage the public in the theme. 

In addition to leading Sitawi, Letelier is also executive director of Endowments do Brasil, the first “multi-cause” and “multi-beneficiary” Endowment Management Organization (OGFP) in the country.

Homem branco, vestindo camisa azul e calça jeans em cima de um palco, dando palestra para o público.

?It is important to be on stage with ABCR because both the issue of Equity Funds and Law 13,800/2019 are new. We need to disseminate this knowledge to as many organizations as possible. Having a space, such as this forum, to do this, strengthens and brings the third sector closer to innovative financial solutions in the country. For example, with the partnership of Sitawi and Endowments do Brasil, any organization can create an Endowment Fund adhering to the law, with a minimum of bureaucracy?, shoots Letelier. 

Fundraising and innovation go hand in hand

Non-profit organizations play an important role in solving social and environmental issues around the world. And fundraising is a great ally for them to guarantee ways to do even more, expanding results with a positive impact. 

Sitawi's Partnerships and Relationship team was present at the event to engage and learn more and more about new potential resources for NGOs, in addition to exchanging experiences with different people and references from the third sector. 

Cinco pessoas uma ao lado da outra em frente a um painel do evento
From left to right: Yananda Lima, Luciana Moreira, Thayza Batitucci, Luiza Valle, Silvia Daskal and Leonardo Letelier.

When we think (and talk) about fundraising, innovation needs to be constant. Participating in forums like this one and being actively looking for new ways to boost our actions is essential to move forward and grow. Always with cooperation and collaboration. Therefore, dialoguing with new people, organizations and work fronts are initiatives that open countless doors and build partnerships?, says Luiza Valle, leader of Partnerships and Relationships at Sitawi. 

With technological advances, innovations will always be frequent in the world we live in. Therefore, it is important to discuss the new tools and initiatives that arise to disseminate them in the ecosystem in which we operate. Want to learn more about why it's important for an organization to think long term with an Endowment? read now!

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