Sitawi at #SGE2014: Citizen entrepreneurship and financial solutions for socio-environmental ventures

The Happy Inspirational Hour held on November 17th and 18th were a success! More than 40 participants in a two-day event with the participation of Sitawi's CEO, Leonardo Letelier and the former director of Bozano, Simonsen, Paulo Ferraz. The events were part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (SGE) and were held on the balcony of Sitawi, the stage for conversations about new types of financing for socio-environmental ventures and the entrepreneurial participation of the citizens of Rio de Janeiro.


In the first Happy Hour, the inspiration came from Leonardo Letelier who presented his trajectory and explained some of the possible financial instruments for socio-environmental ventures. Among them, crowdfunding, crowdequity, angel investment, bank financing, venture capital and socio-environmental loans were detailed.

On the second day, the chat with Paulo Ferraz focused on entrepreneurship in Rio de Janeiro. Paulo presented his professional path and showed that everyone is part of the cycle of poverty and, therefore, everyone can help to solve this issue. For him, “there is no need to create new social organizations. One person in 40 works in the third sector in Brazil. There are more than 300 thousand organizations. Find a cause that you are passionate about and help. Use your best and help.”


The Carioca entrepreneur has been dedicating his time to public policies, as he believes that this is the only type of project that involves and benefits millions of individuals at the same time. Paulo believes that everyone can contribute in some way, in any way that suits them and through the INGs – non-governmental individuals – as Paulo is called by colleagues. “To help transform social reality, be yourself as efficient and effective as possible (…) I will not give my children a worse place.”

Sitawi thanks all the participants for their presence and, in particular, the participation of Paulo Ferraz, who made himself available to share his experience as an entrepreneur and investor in Rio de Janeiro. We hope that the events have contributed to opening new doors and opportunities in their endeavors and in their lives. Until the next SGE!

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