Sitawi participates in the II Course on Social Entrepreneurship in Health

The event was held by CIES Global between the 18th and 21st of September in Mairiporã, São Paulo

The second edition of the Course on Social Entrepreneurship in Health was attended by participation of health professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and leaders, social business professionals and civil society organizations, future agents of transformation in the health area.

The panels were divided into: Social Entrepreneurship, Health Systems and Challenges and Social Innovation. In the third, Leonardo Letelier, founder and CEO of Sitawi Finances for Good, spoke about financing businesses with and non-profit impacts.20160921_cursocies

Socio-environmental loans are a financing alternative for impact businesses that have a positive social and environmental impact in their DNA. Sitawi has already allocated more than three million in initiatives of different profiles and locations in the country. In addition to flexible rates and terms, we support organizations with strategic advice for better business management and continued financial sustainability.

“When there are several financial instruments at your disposal, the important thing is to understand which one is most suitable for your organization at a given moment – beginning, growth, maturity. In the case of social organizations, as there are not that many instruments, Sitawi creates them”, commented Leonardo Letelier.

Socio-environmental loans

The socio-environmental loan was Sitawi's original product and we have already allocated loans at interest rates below the market in an amount of more than R$ 3 million to 15 social organizations and impact businesses with the most diverse foci, for example, a social organization with focus on public health in São Paulo, a territorial development institute in Pará, a social business researching communities in Rio de Janeiro, an agricultural cooperative in Paraná and an environmental business focused on sustainable construction in the interior of São Paulo.

Sitawi is looking for enterprises capable of proving their positive social or environmental impact anywhere in Brazil, whether they are a for-profit or non-profit legal entity. To be approved for a loan, any applicant must be able to demonstrate social or environmental impact and demonstrate repayment capacity, ethical fiber and management skills.

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