Sitawi makes a socio-environmental loan for innovation in education

A study prepared by the Data Popular Research Institute for the British Council points out that 95% of the Brazilian population does not speak English*. Several factors help to explain this number, including courses with prohibitive prices, poorly trained teachers and business models that do not favor learning.

It was with this issue in mind that entrepreneur Gustavo Fuga created 4YOU2, bringing an innovative model that combines foreign teachers, an adaptive methodology and the lowest price on the market. The logic is simple: unite people who want to teach English and get to know Brazilian culture with people who want to learn English and get to know different cultures.

In order to grow and improve the quality of the service provided, 4YOU2 realized that it was necessary to create new methodologies and that, for that, it would need capital to invest in innovation. Sitawi supported the implementation of a new online methodology through a socio-environmental loan of R$ 70 thousand.

The expectation is that the implementation, together with the management system, will provide a better quality of teaching delivered to students, greater control over information, speed in service actions and a reduction in operating costs.

According to Catho, the largest online employment agency in the country, learning with immediate practical application, such as a second language, has a relevant impact both on salary and on the number of opportunities available to a professional, with income increases close to 30%. Those who occupy junior/full/senior level positions or perform assistant, auxiliary and operational functions, have salaries respectively 45% and 18% higher than professionals of the same level who do not speak English (Catho, Salary Survey 2016).


“I chose 4YOU2 because, in addition to being close to my house, it's a new way to learn English. Studying English with foreign teachers is a super cool experience because everyone learns in the classroom. I highly recommend 4YOU2, I intend to stay here for a long time!” – Izabela, student at 4YOU2 Capão Redondo.

“I chose to study English at 4YOU2 because of the differential of foreign teachers. They helped a lot in my learning, hearing different accents makes you feel like you're on an exchange program.” – Jean, student at 4YOU2 Heliopolis.


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