Social inclusion startup in the TOP10 of the most promising in the country

The ?100 Open Startups? movement, an international platform that connects startups to large companies, released the ranking of the 100 most attractive startups of the year in the opinion of leading companies in innovation in the country. Participating for the first time, Egalitê Special Human Resources, which promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market, was among the 10 most promising companies for business and investment, winning 2nd place in the People Management category and 9th place in the Ranking General. The list is the result of an annual process that involves market specialists, such as accelerators, investors and large companies, and recognizes the startups that most aroused interest in institutions.

100 open startups

In 2016, the Egalite received socio-environmental investment from Sitawi Financeira do Bem, a partner of Folha's Social Entrepreneur Award. The mechanism consists of investing in businesses with a socio-environmental impact through a loan convertible into equity and will make it possible to increase its structure, reaching more and more candidates and organizations, in order to contribute to the transformation of the professional scenario for people with disabilities. The expectation is that by 2018 Egalitê's reach will reach 6,000 people included in the job market.

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