Four-time champion: Sitawi is again among the 100 Best NGOs in the country

The Best NGOs Award has just announced the 100 winning Brazilian third sector organizations in 2021 and, again, the Sitawi is one of them. In the list, which is already available on site, it is possible to know the name of the organizations recognized for their good practices in areas such as governance, transparency, communication and financing. The year's highlight and special categories will be announced on December 9th.

Renata Linhares, Head of Service and Relationship at Sitawi, comments on the journey taken by finance for good to date.”It's been years building cultures within the third sector ecosystem. We arrived with an innovative MEGA proposal that was later understood and supported by other important sectors in Brazil. We have become a reference in finance for good because we have a team that is very aligned and focused on purpose. To be recognized as one of the 100 best NGOs in the country is to go hand in hand with partners, friends, colleagues, institutions that believe that money can also change the world for good”, she says.

This year, despite the continued difficulties imposed by the pandemic, the Prize had a record number of entries: 1,033 organizations. ?For us, 2021 is a very special year, not only because we had the highest number of NGOs registered, but also for a sequence of years with significant improvements in the level of registrations. Are organizations increasingly professional?, says Fernando Nogueira, a researcher at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), who has coordinated the evaluation process of the Prize's competitors since the first edition.

The highlights in the special categories by type of cause and best NGO among all will be known during the official award ceremony, which is scheduled for the day December 9th at 6pm, with transmission through Canal Futura's YouTube. The novelty this year is the recognition of the best in each state ? in addition to the top 100, the best of each cause, the ten best small businesses and the best among them are already recognized.

Biggest fans in Brazil

Another novelty in this edition is that, for the first time, the NGO that brings the most people to support it will also be recognized. It's the campaign ?Biggest crowd in Brazil?, which invites the top 100 to invite all their supporters to attend the awards ceremony, also showing that they have a lot of people engaged with their work.

The prize

The Best NGOs Award is organized by O Mundo que Quero, Instituto Doar and Ambev VOA, with the support of researchers from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Instituto Humanize, Fundação Toyota do Brasil and Canal Futura. It recognizes, since 2017, the fundamental work provided by non-governmental institutions in Brazil and also acts as a beacon to guide donations, achieving great visibility in the sector, as it consolidates itself as the main reference in NGOs in the country. The intention, in addition to recognizing the relevance of the work performed, is to encourage good practices, also contributing to the improvement in the management of all participants, including those that are not awarded.

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