Tornavoz and Sitawi renew partnership for the legal defense of women journalists

One report recent UNESCO report points to a global wave of lawsuits with journalists as the main target? in general, disproportionately and in response to the production of content with a critical bias towards public actors and institutions. 

This is one of the forms of attacks on the press, which adds to other very serious ones: following the results of the last elections, for example, more than 64 attacks against journalists were recorded, according to lifting carried out by the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) in partnership with the National Federation of Journalists (Fenaj). The latest edition of Global Impunity Index, produced by the Committee to Protect Journalists, pointed out that Brazil is one of the countries with the lowest rate of solving journalist murders.

Women are the main victims of virtual attacks against journalists, which occur through threats and campaigns of intimidation, defamation and even the publication of personal information. Second search developed by Abraji, in 2020, 56,76% of these attacks were directed at them. Reporters Without Borders report on digital attacks during the 2022 election period indicates that “Around 53% of the offensive messages were directed at female journalists. Among the 10 most harassed journalists, to whom the greatest number of offenses were directed, seven are women?

In this context, aiming to guarantee quality defense for journalists and help establish a safer environment for the press to work, Tornavoz and Sitawi Finanças do Bem renewed the project ?Tornavoz ? Defending female voices?. Does the initiative have funding from UNESCO? through the Global Media Defense Fund (Global Media Defense Fund, in free translation) and with the financial management of Sitawi 

In the first year of the project, four women had their legal defense supported financially and technically by Tornavoz. One of the cases has already had a definitive positive outcome. see more here

Renewed, the project will deal with at least three cases of female journalists, outlets led by women or with gender-related issues, who are being prosecuted for carrying out their activities and who do not have the economic means to hire lawyers. The project will cover legal fees and the Tornavoz team will be able to collaborate in defining the defense strategy. A request for support can be made using the form available here.

?We are very happy with the renewal of this partnership and this important project. Judicial harassment, and all other attempts to silence the press, are topics that need to be debated and combated. And, in this scenario, as in society, gender inequalities mobilize structures so that women are the target of this violence. We want to strengthen them and help them carry out their profession safely and freely?, points out Charlene Nagae, executive director of the Tornavoz Institute.

?Supporting Tornavoz in managing resources allows them to focus on what needs to be done. Collaborating to promote freedom of expression for female journalists contributes to gender equality. And, here at Sitawi, this is very important for us?, declares Luciana Moreira, Partnerships and Relationships coordinator.

Text by: Tornavoz

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