A journey of impact and innovation in collective lending

This year the platform underwent a significant restructuring with a new operational partner, Move. One of the main changes with the new platform was the reduction of the minimum investment amount from R$ 1,000.00 to just R$ 10.00. This change allowed more people to invest as a positive impact in Brazil, strengthening our mission to democratize this modality. 

Growth and strengthening of the Platform

Since the creation of the Platform in 2019, we have continually expanded our portfolio and number of crowdlending rounds. In 2021, we held four rounds, two of which focused on businesses that support the Standing Forest Economy in the Amazon. With this, we added organizations such as 100% Amazônia, Comaru, Luisa Abram, Tobasa, Guaraci, No Carbon Milk, Coopavam, Cofruta, Incentiv.me and Coopercuc to our portfolio, which now totals 56 organizations in the year.

First organizations pay off their loans

We celebrated the full repayment of loans from four organizations, including Orgânicos In Box and UpSaúde. These discharges demonstrate the viability and success of our financing model, in addition to reinforcing investors' confidence in the positive impact of their contributions.

Challenges and resilience 

The year 2021 was also challenging, still suffering from the impacts of the pandemic, which affected the sales capacity of some organizations. Sitawi acted transparently with investors, who actively participated in payment deadline negotiations, showing a commitment to the supported organizations, it was possible to find solutions that guaranteed the financial sustainability of the businesses. 

Results of the year 

The 2021 numbers reflected the growth of the Sitawi Platform: 

  • 9 supported organizations, totalizing 56 in the portfolio of Impact Investment.
  • +350 investors engaged until 2021 and +880 investments in the year.
  • +R$ 27 million mobilized for positive impact.
  • 4 organizations with full discharge of the loan: Manioca, Orgânicos In Box, UpSaúde and Adere. 

2021 was a year of great advances for the Sitawi Platform, reinforcing its role as a catalyst for positive impact. With a growing portfolio of organizations and an increasing number of engaged investors, Sitawi continues to transform the impact investing landscape in the country
If you are not already part of this movement, we invite you to join us. Our mission to democratize impact investing continues, and you can start investing from just R$ 10.00. With new opportunities open that are focused on the Amazon, this is your opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the forest and the development of the region. Visit the website of https://emprestimocoletivo.com.br/ and find out more!

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