The vision of investors in the field of social innovation


Accessing capital is one of the biggest challenges for social organizations and impact businesses. The first step for social entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives is to identify where they are within the ecosystem to seek the right type of funding for their stage of maturity. Leonardo Letelier, CEO of Sitawi, spoke on the topic at the Social Innovation Seminar held by Oi Futuro, in Rio de Janeiro.

“There is a huge disparity between the expectations of entrepreneurs and investors. If, on the one hand, social initiatives need credit; on the other hand, investors look for good deals to allocate capital”, commented Leonardo. “Therefore, it is important that entrepreneurs identify the stages they are in to request the right type of capital for the right organization”, he pointed out, referencing the spectrum below that presents the types of organizations, revenues, their intentions and dividends, when existing.

The debate, mediated by journalist Flávia Oliveira, also included the participation of Rita Afonso, from the Faculty of Administration and Accounting Sciences, who spoke about her experience in academia and shared stories of cases of innovation in peripheries; and Carolina Aranha, bringing an analysis of the results of the first Social Impact Business Map, carried out by Pipe.Social.

The event, held on July 18, marked the launch of Labora, Oi Futuro's Social Innovation Laboratory. The initiative is proposed as a point of connection, learning and co-creation for organizations and social entrepreneurs committed to impactful transformation. Labora offers incubation and acceleration programs for projects and social businesses in different stages of maturation and entrepreneurial profile. The proposal is to boost the development of impactful solutions for the problems of cities.

?We evolved towards the model of forming and strengthening collaborative networks of social entrepreneurs?, explains Carla Uller, manager of Education and Social Innovation at Oi Futuro. ?We want to promote connections between filmmakers, investors, spaces and technologies?, he concluded.

At the meeting, the social businesses selected by the 1st Social Business Acceleration Program of Labora were announced, with technical execution by Yunus Negócios Social, and the 1st Program of Incubation and Acceleration of social organizations and social businesses of Labora in the cultural area was launched in partnership with Instituto Ekloos and the State Department of Culture of Rio de Janeiro, to support strategic management and bring innovation to sociocultural initiatives.

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