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The new chapter of the Finances for Good web series, “Responsible Investment” is now live!

“Companies with better social, environmental and governance (ESG) performance are, in general, more profitable and profitable, because there is a clear correlation between companies that adopt the best ESG practices and the best quality of the management team”, comments Alexandre Gazzotti, from Itaú Asset Management. 

For the Finances for Good agenda to be carried out, agents need to understand and analyze socio-environmental issues. This, however, is hampered by the lack of socio-environmental training of market professionals. 

“Once the professional starts to have ESG issues in their tools, they will start looking at companies and businesses with a new lens. He will discover risks or opportunities that, despite having a socio-environmental bias, become financial risks or opportunities, that is, that can impact the return of these businesses”, explains Gustavo Pimentel, director of Sitawi.

The first six chapters of the series can be watched here. Subscribe to our channel to receive notification and watch first hand. If you want to comment on this content, share suggestions and questions, feel free to write to comunicacao@sitawi.net

About the webseries

With the aim of disseminating knowledge about Finance for Good, Sitawi launches a webseries with testimonials from 22 specialists in the fields of Social and Sustainable Finance. The eight chapters of the online series will be released periodically and present the themes of: Green Bonds, Impact Investing, Socio-environmental Risk, Social Impact Contracts, ESG Integration, Impact Measurement and Innovative Financial Mechanisms. Subscribe to our channel.

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