Workshop on SIB is held in Ceará


In August, Sitawi began coordinating an experimental evaluation of the palliative performance scale (PPS) with professional teams from 7 Home Care Programs and hospital units in Fortaleza, involving the evaluation of the functional capacities of approximately 1000 patients.

Among the objectives are: to know the needs of the target population of the Social Impact Bond - SIB, create a baseline for defining performance goals and analyze the feasibility of using the metric throughout the execution of the contract.

The SIB is a new mechanism for public contracting and private financing of social services with payment conditioned to the achievement of social result targets, measured by an independent evaluator.

Sitawi is a pioneer in carrying out the SIB implementation stages in Brazil, from facilitating the ideation, feasibility study and operational and financial modeling to the signing of the contract, including articulation with Governments, Social Service Providers, Impact Assessors and Investors.

The process in Ceará started with several meetings and workshops where themes were prioritized and the problem of hospitalization of chronic patients was defined.

Understand the context:

The dehospitalization of chronic patients is critical for the health system. According to an analysis by Sitawi, the growth of the elderly population will pressure the demand for hospital admissions and long-term care for chronic patients in the next 20 years. Hospitalization of chronic patients in tertiary care units generates high costs for the system and low quality of life for patients and their families.

A study by Ana Amélia Camarano, from IPEA, on long-term care points out that 90% of deaths in the hospital system are due to chronic-degenerative diseases, which require long-term care and the increasing incorporation of technologies increases life expectancy and the population with technological dependencies. In addition, offering palliative care at home from the early stages of the course of a progressive, advanced and incurable illness can alleviate the suffering of the patient and family.

In this way, the SIB that is being structured by Sitawi and the Government of the State of Ceará aims to reduce the cost of hospitalization for chronic patients and improve the quality of life of the population involved in this segment.

To learn more about it, access the SIBHub platform:

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