Network mobilizes R$1.25 million in 16 days in crowdlending platform

In 16 days, Dinheiro e Consciência Network mobilized R$ 1.25 million from 80 investors for Morada da Floresta, Vela Bikes and Impact Hub SP. In its first round, the crowdlending platform brought the opportunity to invest in 3 impact businesses, combining fair rate to the entrepreneur and attractive return to the investor.

SITAWI believes and endorses this innovation in Social Finance field! We support the Dinheiro e Consciência Network to carry out its collective investment program, contributing to the democratization of the impact investment in the country. SITAWI participated in the analysis phase of the organizations, with the support of ICE’s Impulse notice. We were also co-investors, financing part of the amount required by business impact on the collective lending platform.

“This partnership helps to give meaning to people’s investment money while making the flow of capital to businesses that generate positive social and environmental impact. We work together with the Network to enable this experience for entrepreneurs and investors and prove that it works, is feasible and can have a multiplier effect, sowing a new awareness in the use of money”, observed Andrea Resende, Social Finance manager at SITAWI.

This partnership goes beyond the investment platform. In September 2018, in partnership with SITAWI, Dinheiro e Consciência Network organized a Philanthropic Fund, which allows the receipt of funds through donations from individuals and legal entities and the disbursement of them in a fast, flexible and efficient way, giving transparency to operations. The funds received are exclusively directed to the activities of Dinheiro e Consciência Network, which is committed to creating a bank based on values in Brazil, inspired by the experience of the Dutch Triodos Bank. To this end, since 2017 they have developed events that mobilize people to think about the conscious use of money. In the 2018 cycle, 14 events mobilized more than 1,600 people, managing to raise part of the resources needed for the pilot operation of the crowdlending platform, as mentioned above.

web_IMG_9420 copiarAs a third pillar of the partnership, SITAWI, and Dinheiro e Consciência Network, together with Casa Firjan, brought together over 150 people in Rio de Janeiro for a reflection on the conscious cycles of money. How are individuals and companies adapting to conscious, value-aligned purchasing, investment, and donation processes? At the meeting in November, Joan Melé, a Catalan economist and former director of Triodos Bank, inspired the audience with a speech focused on awareness in the relationship we have with money historically and in the present, how we can act so that this relationship is based on the values which we preach.

In order to make the types of money tangible, the panel “Investment, Donation and Consumption in Practice” included Tati Leite, from Benfeitoria, Gustavo Pimentel from SITAWI and Renato Paquet from Polen in a debate that involved the personal and professional scope of each one. What can we do as individuals in our day-to-day lives and what can we do through the organizations we work in? Examples were given of how we can – and should – insert philanthropy into individual financial planning; why we should become more aware of our finances and the question of where the money we invest in the bank is going and what finances; and how it is possible to redefine productive chains in search of sustainable development. Check out the photos of the event “Investment, donation and consumption: what does your money nourish?”

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