New Philanthropic Fund Focuses on Brumadinho’s Recovery

In January 25th, 2019, the dam 1 at Córrego do Feijão mine, owned by multinational company Vale, collapsed, causing dozens of casualties, destroying local communities and creating a variety of environmental problems in the region. Various companies, NGOs, artists and other institutions organized immediate actions to raise urgent donations for the victims of Brumadinho. However, medium to long-term actions are much-needed to manage the resources destined to Brumadinho.

To support the recovery and the sustainable development of Brumadinho, SITAWI, MECA, and FARM created the PróBrumadinho philanthropic fund. The raised funds will be destined towards actions that promote medium to long-term positive impact either in the financing of technical studies or in actions that directly promote the development of the region affected by the Córrego do Feijão dam disaster.

According to SITAWI’s founder and CEO, Leonardo Letelier, funds with a long-term purpose are important because when the general attention dissipates and donations stop coming, the humanitarian, environmental and research organizations will keep needing resources to work in the region.

SITAWI has an 11-year experience with philanthropic funds, and will be responsible for managing the raised amount. FARM, the first legal entity to donate, will contribute with the fund’s action strategy, helping to choose the projects and institutions that will receive the resources, and MECA is going to act as the fund’s physical and active interface with the region, given its relationship with the city and the inhabitants of Brumadinho established during the MECAInhotim festival. “Considering our experience and business intelligence, it makes complete sense for MECA to use all of its efforts to connect people and brands in order to accelerate the region’s recovery”, says Rodrigo Santanna, MECA’s founder.

Launched in February, the fund is already accepting contributions beginning in R$ 25. For more information:

Private individuals: Donations from private individuals must be completed through the website in the following amounts: R$ 25, R$ 50, R$ 100, R$ 250, R$ 500 or multiples of these quotas. For those wishing to make donations over R$1000, please contact us via

Legal entities: Please email us at to complete your donation.

The PróBrumadinho fund management is public and transparent, with periodic accountability, facilitating the follow-up of the donations and their future allocations. All the information is available and will be updated at this website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or read our FAQ.

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