Peer-to-Peer fundraising

In the past five years, peer-to-peer fundraising (or social fundraising, fundraising for events or between friends) has more than doubled the amount raised online—and is close to reaching a billion US dollars.

It is surprising to look at.

With the continuous growth in Internet use, the rise of social media and the smartphone revolution, it’s likely that social fundraising with continue to play an important role for non-profit organizations (or will start to play an increasing role for organizations not using this method already).

Check out the infrographic below on social fundraising. You will learn about the growth of the industry, how to drive fundraising and the power of asking your friends to help. Here are some interesting points:

  • Average online donation: US$60
  • Average donation via Facebook or Twitter: US$40
  • Fundraisers including Twitter in their strategy beat their goals
  • Fundraisers using social media increase their average by 40%
  • Fewer than half of fundraisers use social media
  • 50% of donors say that their motivation was because “a friend asked me”
  • One in every four emails turns into a donation

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