Rotary Social and Environmental Funds Sitawi: What are they and how do they work?

For this model, we look for opportunities that fit the following characteristics:

Areas of interestEnvironment, populations in a state of social vulnerability, housing, water, technology for people with disabilities, health and education.
Ticket rangeR$ 50 thousand to R$ 1 million.
Credit Rating Rate2 to 5% on the loan amount.
Repayment term3 months to 2 years.

As the capital is returned, new loans can be made, reaching other beneficiaries and projects. In addition, with each new loan, the fund grows together.

The entire search and selection structure, as well as monitoring and reporting, is carried out by SITAWI. Do you want to know more about this structure? Click here to know our search and selection criteria and here to understand why our monitoring is one of the advantages of #INVESTINGinIMPACT with SITAWI.

Step by step to create a Rotating Social-Environmental Fund:

1. Capitalization: After the fund is created, fundraising starts (if you do not already have the capital);

2. Selection: Once capitalized, SITAWI will select impact organizations that meet the evaluation criteria established by you (founder of the fund);

3. Allocation: The organizations that are selected will receive the financial contribution in the form of loans – offered under special SITAWI conditions;

4. Advice: SITAWI maintains close contact with the entrepreneurs, seeking to guarantee the full development of the organizations and the sending of periodic reports for the proper monitoring of the institute;

5. Return: In addition to generating the intended socio-environmental impact, with the payment of the loan, the fund grows and new organizations receive financial and professional support from SITAWI to develop!

Do you want to establish a Socioenvironmental Loan Fund or have questions and want to understand better?

Click here and contact us!

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