SITAWI and Recicladora Urbana united to generate more environmental impact

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SITAWI Finance for Good has partnered with Recicladora Urbana, a specialized company in Logistic and Production Reverse in the disposal of Electronic Equipment and Telecommunications, looking to increase its environmental impact. Among the objectives are the provision of software and IT remanufactured from the REMAKKER brand equipment as well as meet the demand of disused equipment disposal for SITAWI and partner organizations. It will be an opportunity, thus, for our partners, whether NGO or nonprofit Impact Business, to have access to quality equipment at a price below the market and guaranteed. The REMAKKER products are an innovation from Recicladora Urbana to attend third sector entities using refurbished computers in their operations. They are IT equipment with origin certified, that after mischaracterization data and property, strict selection and approval of technical and operational conditions, go to a remanufacturing process, generating semi-used products at an affordable cost with a positive environmental impact in accordance to the Solid Waste National Policy.

According to an UN’s report, Brazil generates more than 1,4 million ton of electronic waste per year and less than 2% are rightly disposed. The 2010 Solid Waste National Policy establish a Shared Responsibility for the products life cycle.  Thus, individuals and companies are not exempt from liability for damages caused by improper disposal of their waste.

Recicladora Urbana is a specialized company in the sustainable management of electronic waste. Its mission is to make it easier to manufacturers and user of these equipment the compliance in accordance with the Solid Waste National Policy, helping to make society more aware. It is certified by System B and member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, contributing to the Circular Economy. Since its founding in 2013, it has processed more than 500 tons of electronic equipment. Get to know it.

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