SITAWI makes a social and environmental loan to promote sustainable agriculture in the Amazon region

Connecting people to the Amazon through natural foods and practicing fair trade. This is what Manioca – a business that takes ingredients from the Amazon to all in an innovative and savory manner – does, bringing sustainable development to the Amazon region.

Created by Joanna Reis, Manioca received R$ 200,000 in a co-investment from SITAWI, Conexsus and IDESAM. The contribution aims to reduce distribution costs, create a closer bond and capacitate its suppliers, culminating in the release of a new line of projects. The investment was obtained during the 1st Impact Investment and Sustainable Business in the Amazon Forum (FIINSA), an initiative coordinated by IDESAM, with support from USAID and CIAT.

The company currently works with 24 farm producers spread through 13 Pará municipalities – 15 of these workers are either engaged in familiar farming or have small businesses. A part of the investments will be used to create a network between producers to facilitate an exchange of business experiences between themselves, whilst also improving communications with Manioca. This group will also join its forces to diminish deflorestation and promote better income distribution, allowing people to stay in their communities.

FIINSA intended to foment and foster businesses focused on valuing social and biodiversity and socioeconomic development in Northern Brazil. Besides Manioca, Encauchados de Vegetais da Amazônia, Peabiru Produtos da Floresta, and Ração+ also received investments to expand their businesses.

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