SITAWI Manages Philanthropic Fund for a Justice vision as public service

In September 2016, SITAWI added another project to its portfolio, with the support of Ford Foundation, U$ 200,000 towards the maintenance of the Justice Forum. The Forum presents itself as an open space to organizations and social movements, academic sectors, students, public agents of the justice system as well, and other actors that shown interested to discuss justice as a public service.

SITAWI’s role in this context is to provide the financial and administrative management of the Ford Foundation resource, in addition to enabling activities to be carried out in effective and responsible way. In 2016, we achieve R$ 9.3 million managed throughout our history, with initiatives in the themes of circular economy, education, environment, among others.

The initiative aims to stimulate the debate about the democratic and republic model of justice in Brazil, observing the Latin-American context. The Justice Forum (JF) has assembled human rights organizations, academic sectors and professional of the justice system, with especial participation of public defenders.

On the one hand, the Justice Forum problematizes the mobilization of judicial policy from demands of participation, recognition and redistribution, promoting studies and accompanying professional, academic and from civil society initiatives. On the other hand, it fosters dialogues and information production dynamics with the organization of seminars and debates that aimed at contributing to a great public engagement with institutions of the justice system.

The action is resulted of a Rio de Janeiro state Public Defenders group free initiative in partnership with the Public Defenders National Association – ANADEP (in portuguese) and the Human Rights Judiciary and Society Research Group – DHPJS (in portuguese), linked to the Law College of the University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ, and reinforces the Association’s commitment to pursuing for democratic mechanism that fulfill the popular demands within justice system.

Given the essential role that the justice has played in the collective and individual life of our society, is more and more urgent and necessary Forum’s mission of critical and engaged reflection about the judicial policies.

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