SITAWI moderates Panel on Human Rights and Social Issues held by UNEP FI

On September 5th and 6th, SITAWI participated in the the Regional Roundtable on Sustainable Finance held by UN Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) in Buenos Aires. The event commemorated the 25th anniversary of the initiative, which aims to bring financial institutions together to share their experiences and join forces in order to combat climate change.

UNEP FILeonardo Letelier, SITAWI’s CEO, moderated the Panel on Human Rights and Social Issues in Finance: Global and Regional Solutions. The session discussed the experiences of financial institutions in generating value for communities, and shared trends in the field of impact businesses that work with human rights, including trends in funding.

“It is very important for the field to have such an initiative bringing together leading organizations. We’ve noticed that there is a convergence between impact investing and responsible investment within the UNEP FI Positive Finance agenda”, said Letelier.

For Fred Seifert, SITAWI’s Sustainable Finance Manager, the event represents a space for exchange among financial institutions, and provided an opportunity for reflection after the discussion of trends in sustainable finance.

“The financial sector must take an active part in fighting climate change, since it finances economic activities that can accelerate or contain this process. Thus, the viability of sustainable development objectives depends directly on the performance of financial institutions, which must incorporate social and environmental issues in the management and decision-making processes of their investments. An event like this is fundamental because it brings this debate to the center of the agenda for these institutions, and provides a context and various examples that are appropriate to the reality and needs of Latin America”, he commented.

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