SITAWI participates in LABORA’s social business evaluation table

SITAWI’s analyst Marcela Miranda participated in the evaluation table of the 1st edition of the Labora Social Business Acceleration Program, the social innovation laboratory of Oi Futuro, with the technical execution of Yunus Social Business.

The evaluation panel was composed of market experts with knowledge and experience in the areas of management and business, investment, innovation and social impact. It included representatives from Oi and Oi Futuro, Yunus Social Business, Gávea Angels, SITAWI, FINEP and SEBRAE-RJ. The judges offered the entrepreneurs technical advice on their presented businesses, contributing to their improvement.

For Marcela Miranda, it is important that businesses focus on their products and services offering. “Excellent solutions were presented for the social and environmental challenges we have today. Labora was a great opportunity for start-ups to further develop their business models”, she commented. Miranda also reflected on the need to test the models presented and their financial viability.

The 1st edition of the Labora / Oi Futuro Social Business Acceleration Program included training and mentoring for  three months and aimed at strengthening and accelerating businesses that generate social impact and transform people’s lives in big cities.

Read about the businesses that participated in the 1st edition of the Labora / Oi Futuro Social Business Acceleration Program:

Recicletool | Recife
Created as a tool to solve the demands generated by the National Solid Waste Policy Law (Law 12,305 / 2010), Recicletool is an automated device that identifies recyclable waste and depositing clients using technology to generate information from the reverse logistics of packaging. Using optical scanning technology, the machine identifies the waste that is deposited in the machine by the customers, registering them for recycling financial credit.

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818 Energy | Rio de Janeiro
8 minutes and 18 seconds is the average time it takes for a ray of sunshine to reach the earth’s surface.  818 [eight one eight] Energy is a young, innovative and idealistic company that emerged with the goal of democratizing access to solar energy in Brazil, generating a positive social and environmental impact in the process. Today, 818 Energy is a platform [under construction] that connects people/businesses that have roof space available to those without. In this context, the landlord generates revenue through his roof, while the lessee has the opportunity to produce clean and cheap energy without worrying about space. Together, both contribute to the advancement of the ecosystem, which leads to a fairer and more sustainable Brazil. Democratizing means dematerializing, deregulating and decentralizing.

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Malalai | Belo Horizonte
MALALAI is a startup that aims to develop security technologies and currently develops application and wearable personal security for women. There is a free Android app available in trial version and the iOS version is under development. The first pieces of wearables will be made available in a crowdfunding campaign this October. The work developed so far has been funded by bootstrapping and grants.

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Diáspora.Black | Rio de Janeiro
Diaspora.Black works to promote racial equality and enhance the culture, memory and history of the black population through a digital platform that highlights networks of travelers, hosts, experiences and services related to tourism in different cities. The purpose is to guarantee the activation of the economy within the black community, leveraging the tourism industry as a source of income generation and strengthening of cultural identities.

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Spindow | São Paulo
Spindow offers innovative solutions for language teaching and learning. Their  mission is to promote an inclusive method of teaching English. Currently they have about 50 educators from several Brazilian states using the Spindow board (a nationally and internationally patented product) to teach English to their students, who also learn with the Spindow Web Application (about 200 users currently).

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