Social Investment in Special Human Resources

How to enhance the work of including people with special needs in the labor market?

In the last 5 years, the number of people with disabilities included in the labor market has grown more than 30%. Nonetheless, statistics shapes an exclusion panorama. According to the IBGE (the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) 2010, in Brazil, 45 million people have some type of disability (PwD) (physical, mental, visual or hearing impairment) and it is estimated that 9 million 15 to 60 years old PwDs fits in the quotas law. Although there is a guaranteed quota by law that creates a total of 900 thousand vacancies for people with disability, only 400 thousands are currently employed.

In order to make a change in this scenario, it is central that the actors involved – companies, recruitment agencies and supervisory bodies – develop a responsible work to ensure these professionals exercise.

In 2016, SITAWI supported an organization that has been transforming this reality. Egalitê makes a connection between the organizations and people with disabilities through the selection, training and monitoring of the relationship agents, demonstrating to the market and society the value of equal opportunities. Founded in 2010, this social business has already allocated more than 3,000 people with disabilities in the job market.

Egalitê builds the bridge between the candidates and companies that seek diversify their staff, including talents and changing the life perspective of a society portion that has difficulties of professional placement. It also offers free training through an e-learning platform with content that goes from conduct in selective process to sales techniques. In addition, Egalitê develops an awareness program on the subject, through training of HR managers and employees, making a great contribution to the organizations mentality change.

Aiming to increase the organization’s positive social and environmental impact, SITAWI Finance for Good supported the initiative through a social investment. The mechanism consists of investing in social and environmental impact business through a loan convertible into equity participation. It will allow the increase of its structure, reaching more and more candidates and organizations, in order to contribute to the professional scenario change for people with disabilities. It is estimated that by 2018, Egalitê reaches 6,000 people included in the labor market.

Last year, the special human resource Company won the “Ruderman Prize in Inclusion 2016”, one of the most important global awards for initiatives that work with PwD inclusion. Jay Ruderman, President of the Ruderman Family Foundation, commented on the work developed by Egalitê:

“People with disabilities are one of the most unexplored talent groups in the world. Employers often disregard them for stigma and lack of information, yet inclusive employment is a key to the full social inclusion. We are very happy to award the Ruderman Prize in Inclusion 2016 to Egalitê, an organization that works tirelessly in opening doors to the inclusive employment of people with disabilities.

Does your company have or would like to integrate people with disabilities in its staff? Do you know anyone that is looking for a job? In Egalitê’s Portal  you can learn more about the initiative and how to register. To know more about the theme and this initiative work, access the institutional presentation that Egalitê prepared, in this link:

Also, check the testimony of Roger, an employee hired by one of the companies for which Egalitê advised:



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