3 reasons to invest in positive impact

In recent years, the number of people interested in investment and the possibilities of applying capital for financial return has grown. According to the Financial Literacy survey? Measuring Financial Perceptions and Habits Among Brazilians, carried out in 2020, more than 40% of Brazilians recognize the importance of investing, saving and having a more comprehensive financial planning.

In addition to the financial return, there is a category of investments that promotes positive socio-environmental transformation: Impact Investment. Have you heard?

What is Impact Investing?

Impact Investment is an investment modality aimed at the socio-environmental innovation sector, which enables profitability and improvements for society and the environment. It has great potential in the financial market, because it addresses a general and growing concern: the future of the planet. In this way, capital is directed towards issues such as family farming, forest preservation, renewable energy, human rights and social equality.

This category of investments is shaped based on the Impact Ecosystem and, therefore, involves the three groups that form it: people who need capital, actors who provide these financial resources and those who make the connection between the two groups. At Sitawi, we are part of the group that makes capital mobilization possible.

Compared to investments in the traditional market, Impact Investing has some particularities, such as the evaluated aspects. In addition to risk and financial return, the practical results of the investment for society and the environment are also considered in the valuation. The existing risks for traditional investments also apply to impact investments.

Now that you understand what Impact Investing is, understand why to choose this investment format for your financial life.

  1. Be part of the positive change and choose how to invest

Individuals and companies, high-income individuals, government entities and philanthropists can make investments to build a more sustainable and egalitarian world, and still receive a fixed financial return per month.

  1. Invest easily and securely

With Sitawi, Impact Investing was democratized and can be done online, from R$10. Our Collective Loan Platform also guarantees transparency and security for those who invest.

  1. Get involved with Social Innovation by supporting causes you believe in

Show concern for the causes that touch you the most by supporting the construction of innovative solutions to these problems.

Want to learn more about Impact Investing? Read our Guide to Investing for Impact.


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