How cooperatives can leverage positive outcomes

In the month we celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives, we invite you to learn more about these associations, which are increasingly present in our portfolio.

Did you know that small businesses can compete with big brands in the market? This can be done via cooperation, which is a good way to improve the competitiveness of a business. But, according to the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives (OCB), only four out of ten Brazilians are aware of cooperativism. Check out everything you need to know about co-ops below!

What are cooperatives? 

To the cooperatives are associations of people who have the same interests and organize themselves democratic way to reach them, improving the financial situation of specific groups of people and solving these common needs. Strengths within a cooperative are the Democratic management and the economic participation. It is as if all members were also owners.

How are cooperatives organized in Brazil? 

Today, there are about 4,900 Brazilian cooperatives registered with OCB ? which amounts to a total of over 17 million members and more than 455 thousand people employed. These associations are divided into 7 main segments: Agriculture; Credit; Transport; Work; Production of Goods and Services; Health; Consumption and Infrastructure.

There are also some Principles what govern these cooperatives:

  • Free and voluntary membership;
  • Democratic management;
  • Economic participation;
  • Autonomy and independence;
  • Education, training and information;
  • Intercooperation;
  • Interest in the community.

It is possible to know more about the functioning of these organizations through the Law No. 5.764/71, which establishes the National Cooperative Policy.

How does Sitawi support these organizations?

About 12 cooperatives already gone through sitawi's portfolio, supported by our Collective Loan Platform. With the support of over 500 investors, these organizations captured, together, more than R$3 million in resources to finance their projects. In addition to the loan, they receive mentorships and access to a Network to further develop your business.

Meet some of them:

  • Cooperative Ser do Sertão
    • Cooperative of producers in the agricultural branch of family farming in Bahia, it is made up of rural producers, supporters of the agroecological production system and focuses on the protagonism of women and young people in agricultural production.
  • Sementes do Marajó
    • Extractive cooperative of açaí in the Amazon of Pará, which works as a bridge to commercialize the product. The extraction of the fruit takes place in a way that does not harm the forest.
  • Coopercuc
    • Cooperative of jellies, sweets and drinks in Bahia, which implements sustainable agriculture projects and processing of native caatinga fruits and other fruits grown in the region. The cooperative also seeks to improve the living conditions of the families involved.

We want help even more cooperatives to mobilize money for socio-environmental causes! If you have a business that generates a positive impact and are interested, check it out here whether your organization's performance connects with our requirements.

And you, do you want to support impact businesses like these cooperatives?

Now that you know the cooperatives and are on top of how they work, how about invest in them? In addition to contributing to a better world, you get financial return. Our portfolio continues to grow and, soon, new high-impact businesses will be captured on our Platform.

Access our Collective Loan Platform and know when new opportunities arrive!

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