Want to know more about Equity Funds? Check out 4 frequently asked questions about this financial instrument!

Endowments, or Endowments, are financial instruments that aim to ensure the financial sustainability of non-profit organizations – through the income from the resources invested, from donations, – and, thus, to promote long-term impact.  

Leveraging the experience and purpose of Sitawi – which has already mobilized more than R$300 million for more than 2,000 organizations – a partnership was signed with an OGFP (adherent to law 13,800) to manage Endowments do Brasil . We intend to make life easier for those who want to create a Heritage Fund, without having to create a new CNPJ just for that. This is an innovative approach, which enables organizations to operate endowment funds in a common infrastructure, with a logic similar to that of a “co-working”.  

We have separated some frequently asked questions to answer your questions about Endowment Funds. Check out:  

Are Endowment Funds a model regulated by law?  

A: Yes. Although this model has existed in Brazil since the mid-1950s, in 2019 Law 13,800 regulated Endowment Funds as instruments for raising private funds by entities and created governance parameters for managing institutions.  

Who can structure an Endowment Fund?  

A: Endowment Funds are typically structured by philanthropic families and private institutions that want to donate resources to generate positive long-term social and/or environmental impact for one (or more) cause(s) and by non-profit organizations that perpetuate their activities. and its legacy.  

What are the advantages of this model?  

A: Some of the advantages of relying on our expertise in this model are: simplicity to create an endowment fund, independent structure and governance in compliance with Law 13,800, recognized transparency in processes and reduced costs when compared to creating an exclusive organization (which allows the creation of endowments from virtually any value).   

Why choose the Sitawi + Endowments do Brasil partnership?  

A: Sitawi is a pioneer organization in the development of innovative financial solutions, recognized for its credibility and transparency. Since 2008, we have already mobilized more than R$300 million for a positive socio-environmental impact and we continue on the journey of expanding the paths of capital for causes and organizations committed to this purpose. Endowments do Brasil is the first multi-cause Endowments Management Organization in Brazil and is fully adhering to Law 13,800. 

Want to know even more? Access: https://info.sitawi.net/sitawi-fundos-patrimoniais 

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