5 tips to include conscious consumption in your routine

Conscious consumption is one of the main topics when discussing sustainability. After all, reducing or improving the way we consume can help in the development of society and reduce the damage caused to the environment. This is because everything that is consumed by society or left over from industrial production ends up being discarded in nature, whether in landfills, landfills or rivers. 

With the environment becoming increasingly unstable and fragile due to human action, rethinking the way we consume becomes increasingly essential. Unfortunately, this is not a priority in Brazilians' daily lives: according to data from the UN World Food Program, 41 million tons of perfectly good food are discarded annually.

In addition to the issue of food waste, there are other aspects of unrestrained consumption that harm nature and society, such as the large-scale production of goods without respecting environmental limits and the financing of companies that profit through the exploitation of low-paid workers. 

If you care about these issues, it's time to review the way you prepare meals, go to work, dress and shop. Here are 5 tips that will help you consume more consciously:

1- No waste: use food completely!

Try to use all parts of the food, from the skin to the part that would already be consumed. On the internet you will find several recipes that use foods that would otherwise go to waste, such as ?stale? bread pudding? and potato peel chips.

2- Prefer quality over quantity

Always prioritize purchasing products that will last longer, with quality fabrics and that do not contain plastic. This way, you avoid having to buy new clothes frequently and getting rid of materials that harm the environment. For this, Slow Fashion stores and thrift stores are great allies. 

3- Reduce and rethink waste production

Try to reduce the production of common waste. Use ecobags to go to the market, prefer thermal bags over Styrofoam boxes, have your reusable eco cup and buy products in bulk. In addition, separate what is inevitably discarded. This way, you help with the recycling of these products.

4- Encourage good actions in the workplace

Conscious consumption is strongly related to environmental awareness, so talk and exchange ideas about the importance of a sustainable future. Creating projects that promote sustainability and recommending suppliers who are concerned about the effects of material production on the environment are some ways to make your organization more aware.

5- Practice the circular economy

Defend the idea of joining the circular economy. This system advocates better use of resources in the production logic, giving priority to durable and renewable inputs, such as digital documents instead of printed ones or reusable cups that avoid the use of disposable plastic cups. This tip works even more for those who produce consumer goods, such as food and cleaning and hygiene products, for example.

The sustainable future is collective

It is worth remembering that, alone, we will hardly achieve a necessary goal of sustainable development. This process needs to be done collectively, being a commitment of the entire society for the future of the world. Therefore, in addition to practicing, raising awareness among other people is very important to expand conscious consumption. 

Start now to be part of the group of people who defend consumption that is less harmful to the environment and society. Share these 5 tips with your friends, co-workers or family. Thus, the chain of good becomes ever greater.

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