Humana Philanthropic Fund for Gender Equality

Gender Equity

about the background

Humana is an organization whose mission is to influence public policies that promote structural changes in society, working towards gender equality in Brazil through three main fronts of social impact: education and economic development programs; knowledge and research to influence public policies and advocacy through institutional articulations. Its Philanthropic Fund is in its second phase with Sitawi. In the first, did it benefit girls and women living in Belo Horizonte? MG, with socio-educational and economic development actions. Currently, in the second phase, the Fund will benefit girls and women from the Caramuru Catarina Paraguaçu Indigenous Reserve, Pau-Brasil, in southern Bahia. Humana's expansion goal is to socially impact 30,000 girls and women by 2026, through the thesis of social impact. Know more.


450 girls and women impacted

R$ 360 thousand invested in the Gender Equity Fund

R$ 50 thousand invested in the financial autonomy of beneficiaries

R$ 67 thousand invested in the economic development of Girls and Women Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe (BA)

Research publication: Violence against women in Brazil and Minas Gerais - Subsidies for the evaluation and construction of public policies

+ 3500 hours in educational activities, mentoring and volunteering

Advocacy at the National Congress (BSB) and Women's Forum (Paris)


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