We are one of the 100 best Brazilian NGOs. Find out why.

Sitawi Finanças do Bem emerged in 2008 as a third sector organization focused on developing financial mechanisms to promote positive socio-environmental impact. This means that, for more than 15 years, Sitawi has been thinking about innovative solutions to mitigate social and environmental problems by supporting other organizations that work at the cutting edge and connecting different actors in the innovation and socio-environmental impact sector.

Divided into 4 fronts, the organization works through loans for social business, management of philanthropic funds and assets and mechanisms of fconservation inances of biodiversity. Each of these areas manages financial capital for other organizations, allowing them to focus their efforts on practical actions. Find out why we are recognized as one of the best Brazilian NGOs:

Recognized work

Throughout its trajectory, Sitawi has many recognitions that certify the organization’s ability to manage philanthropic resources for good:

  • The organization has the OSCIP certificate
  • It is considered an excellent place to work by Great Place to Work
  • It was considered one of the 100 Best Brazilian NGOs for 5 years
  • We are the 5th most influential NGO in Brazil, according to The Dot Good

These and other recognitions achieved by Sitawi attest to the quality and strength of the work carried out. Furthermore, they highlight other aspects of the organization, such as governance, transparency, communication and accounting. This is because specialized institutions analyze Sitawi and confirm that we are a reliable institution.

Our differences

Our organization differentiates itself and stands out due to the type of activity it carries out: we are a bridge organization. This means that we connect the organization, donors, investors and beneficiaries to drive the entire impact ecosystem. In this way, our work ends up improving the operating conditions of several other institutions that work with socio-environmental causes.

Furthermore, we have expertise that has been built for over 15 years and we use this knowledge to develop innovative financial solutions. These mechanisms support the conservation of the environment and make society more fair and balanced, acting on various problems that need to be resolved.

For those who vibrate with the positive impact

If you are part of a team of people committed to transforming society and the environment, our cause may interest you. 

By supporting Sitawi, you ensure that several other socio-environmental organizations and projects continue; since our work is precisely to boost the performance of third sector organizations that work at the cutting edge.

Watch your money reverberate across the country for a variety of causes. Donate to Sitawi.

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