Social Entrepreneur Awards and Folha Social Entrepreneur of the Future Awards are now open for registration

Sao Paulo, April 2016 ? The main socio-environmental entrepreneurship contest in Latin America and one of the most competitive in the world, the Social Entrepreneur Award reaches its 12th edition. Created in 2005 by Folha de S. Paulo and Fundação Schwab, registration is open until May 1st for creators of innovative projects, with more than three years of experience, in areas such as Health, Education and Environment. Business managers and social leaders who are in the initial phase of the initiative (from one to three years), in turn, can apply for the 8th edition of the Folha Empreendedor Social de Futuro Award.

The Social Entrepreneur Award aims to select, reward and encourage the most enterprising socio-environmental leaders in Brazil, who have been developing innovative, sustainable initiatives with proven socio-environmental impact for over three years. In addition to projecting these leaders nationally and internationally, Folha de S. Paulo and the Schwab Foundation ? co-organizer of the World Economic Forum in Davos and creator of the award in the world ? offer a high level of qualification and networking, enabling award winners to achieve greater and better indicators in sustainability, direct and indirect social impact, influence on public policies and scalability for their projects. From 2005 to 2015, the Social Entrepreneur Award had 2,517 entries.

?Over the past 11 years, Folha has been committed to selecting leaders who are dedicated to finding solutions to relevant social problems, rewarding and giving visibility to impact projects in strategic areas for the country, such as housing, education and management improvement public?, says Sérgio Dávila, executive editor of Folha de S. Paulo.

According to Marisol Argueta, head of Latin America at the World Economic Forum ? sister organization of the Schwab Foundation?, extraordinary entrepreneurs were discovered in Brazil as a result of the initiative. ?They are people who overcame huge challenges to bring dignity, opportunities and improve the quality of life of Brazilian citizens in need?, he says, Today, the Schwab Foundation manages the largest network of social entrepreneurs in the world; more than 320 nonprofit organizations working in more than 60 countries on issues such as renewable energy, water and sanitation, financial inclusion, employment, access to health and education.

Folha Empreendedor Social de Futuro, in turn, is dedicated to social leaders up to 35 years old who are at the forefront of more recent initiatives, with one to three years of experience. Created by Folha de S. Paulo in 2009, this award uses the same international parameters as Schwab to evaluate and contemplate innovative proposals that still need visibility and training to increase their performance and influence.

The awards are sponsored by Coca-Cola, IEL (Initiative of the CNI - National Confederation of Industry) and have TAM as the official carrier and strategic partnership of UOL, Fundação Dom Cabral and ESPM, in addition to 24 institutional and promotional partners.


Social entrepreneur Sergio Andrade, founder of Agenda Pública, was the winner of the 11th edition of the Social Entrepreneur Award. The initiative disseminates good management and citizenship practices in municipalities impacted by major works. In practice, the Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) aims to improve public management, governance ? in addition to encouraging social participation in locations impacted by major works.

The winner of the seventh edition of the Folha Social Entrepreneur of the Future Award was Fernando Assad, from the Vivenda ? a social impact business aimed at making structural reforms accessible to the low-income. By carrying out works of low complexity and high social impact, Vivenda seeks to reduce the qualitative housing deficit ?, that is, the inadequacy of housing, which currently comprises around 11 million homes in Brazil.

The lawyer and photographer Luís Salvatore, who promotes caravans to transform Brazil from the school, was the winner in ?Escolha do Leitor?. He heads the Brasil Solidário Institute (IBS), whose mission is to contribute to building quality education, modernizing teaching, sustainable development and bringing the school community and government closer together through training programs. and support that motivate, mobilize and encourage the social protagonism of educators and students as agents of local transformation?.

To this end, it operates in municipalities with up to 100,000 inhabitants with low HDI (Human Development Index) ? especially in the Northeast and North regions.


Will the winners and finalists of the Empreendedor Social and Folha Empreendedor Social de Futuro Awards have their profiles published in a special section ? that circulates nationally in Folha de S. Paulo ? and on the Folha website. All those selected will receive a kit with an extensive and complete evaluation report, according to the demanding criteria of the awards, in addition to journalistic photographs and video about the work, for free use.

Winners and finalists are offered a benefits package that includes legal and management advice, scholarships to internationally respected institutions, such as Harvard, and nationally, such as Fundação Dom Cabral and ESPM, plus participation in congresses and seminars in Brazil and abroad. . The total benefits exceed R$ 300 thousand, according to the regulations available on the website

One of the finalists for both awards can still compete for the ?Reader's Choice? award, in which the public votes over the internet for the project of their choice. The finalists will be known in October and the awards will take place in November.

The winners of both awards will be invited to join the Folha de Empreendedores Socioambientals Network, a select group of highly innovative Brazilian social leaders who constantly interact with the support, promotion and dissemination of Folha de S. Paulo.



Social Entrepreneur Award Winners

2015: Sergio Andrade, Public Agenda. Sao Paulo-SP)

2014: Claudio Sassaki and Eduardo Bontempo, Geekie. Sao Paulo-SP)

2013: Merula Steagall, Abrale (Brazilian Association of Lymphoma and Leukemia) . Sao Paulo-SP)

2012: Cybele Amado, Icep (Chapada Institute of Education and Research) . palm trees (BA)

2011: Gisela Solymos, Cren (Center for Nutritional Recovery and Education) . Sao Paulo-SP)

2010: Roberto Kikawa, Cies (Center for Integration of Education and Health) . Sao Paulo-SP)

2009: Claudio and Suzana Padua, Ipê (Institute of Ecological Research) . Nazaré Paulista (SP)

2008: André Albuquerque, Newfoundland. Curitiba (PR)

2007: Tião Rocha, CPCD (Popular Center for Culture and Development) . Belo Horizonte (MG)

2006: Fábio Bibancos, Turma do Bem. Sao Paulo-SP)

2005: Eugenio Scannavino Netto, Saúde & Alegria Project. Santarém (PA)


Winners of the Folha Social Entrepreneur of the Future Award

2015: Fernando Assad, Programa Vivenda. Sao Paulo-SP)

2014: Carlos Wanderlan, Ronaldo Tenório and Thadeu Luz, Hand Talk . Maceio (AL)

2013: Alexandre Amorim, Diego Tutumi Moreira and Luiz Hamilton Ribas, Asid (Social Association for the Equality of Differences) . Curitiba (PR)

2012: Fernando Botelho, F123. Curitiba (PR)

2011: Henrique Cardoso Saraiva, Luana Nobre and Phelipe Nobre, Adaptsurf (Adaptation and Surf Association) . Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

2010: Wagner Gomes, Adel (Local Economic Development Agency) . Pentecost (CE)

2009: David Hertz, Gastromotiva. Sao Paulo-SP)


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