Find out how the conservation of biodiversity can bring financial returns in various sectors of the economy.

Biodiversity conservation must be one of the main current concerns of society and organizations, since the environment is essential for maintaining the economy and well-being. Considering this scenario, it is essential to develop and implement financial and economic mechanisms for nature conservation 

In the economy, there are different sectors that influence and are influenced by nature. When thinking about funding for conservation, considering the risks and opportunities associated with nature for each organization and its sector of the economy is essential to develop the most appropriate mechanisms. For example, when thinking about livestock and agriculture, it is necessary to take into account society's need for products from this sector, the impact that production can generate on soils, forests and rivers, as well as practices for the sustainable use and management of biodiversity.

But which sectors of the economy are most closely related to biodiversity conservation?

We list some economic categories and possible conservation mechanisms for each one of them. Link:

It is important to consider that all organizations and sectors have impacts and dependencies associated with nature. This means that there are risks and opportunities in applying mechanisms for biodiversity conservation – if the risks are greater, the financial impact can be negative; if opportunities stand out, there is a greater possibility of positive financial impact.

This analysis of the risks and opportunities related to the nature of each organization and economic activity allows for an adequate design of a financial solution for biodiversity conservation.

The possibility of financial return is one of the biggest incentives for private companies to invest in biodiversity conservation. There are several examples of multinationals that started to invest in sustainability to make production less harmful to the planet and also lower production costs. For this, partnerships with organizations focused on innovation and sustainable development are increasingly sought to develop mechanisms that consider the management of risks and opportunities associated with nature for each sector.

more than money

In addition to the financial return, nature conservation is an essential action for maintaining life and well-being on the planet. The sustainable development of the economy must be a concern of all sectors, so that, together, they make economic progress go hand in hand with the conservation of biodiversity. Therefore, interest in financial solutions for biodiversity conservation has grown exponentially among private and governmental organizations. 

Want to know how you and your organization can help today? 

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