Online friends can be good givers

Over the last five years, peer-to-peer fundraising (or social fundraising, event fundraising, or friend raising) has more than doubled online revenues ? close to reaching the billion dollar mark (US data).

It's been amazing to watch.

With the continued growth of Internet usage, the rise of social media and the smartphone revolution, it is likely that social fundraising will continue to play a significant role for nonprofit organizations (or begin to play an increasing role for nonprofit organizations). ?t already participate in this type of fundraising).

Check out the social fundraising infographic below. You'll learn a little about industry growth, what drives fundraising success, and the power of friends asking friends.

As the information is in English, we separate some relevant information for you:

  • average web donation: US$40.00
  • average donation per Facebook/Twitter
  • fundraisers who associate Twitter with their strategy exceed their goals
  • those who used social media increased their averages by 40%
  • less than half of fundraisers use social media
  • 50% from donors reveal they were motivated to donate ?because a friend asked me to?
  • One in four emails become a donation

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