BNDES launches another call for Matchfunding BNDES + Cultural Heritage

Analyzing the year 2020 and understanding the needs of the culture area, which was also heavily impacted by the pandemic, BNDES, Benfeitoria and Sitawi launch the new edition of Matchfunding BNDES+. The Lab Edition of the program, designed for the tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage of all regions of Brazil, as in previous editions of 2019 and 2020, comes with a differential: it is totally focused on the digital field. This public notice, launched on the 18th, will receive projects that want to use the internet as a tool to go beyond the physical boundaries of contact and interaction between the public and the heritage. Registration is open until 12/18/2020.

In the first phase of this edition, up to 15 proposals will be selected, three per region, which will undergo a development process, through a creative laboratory lasting one month, conducted by Benfeitoria. In this process there will be an immersion of co-creation of ideas, with the aim of transforming them into even more innovative projects with high potential for mobilization.

After the lab, those selected will present their projects, which should have funding goals of R$75 thousand, to a panel of independent specialists. In this second phase, up to 10 projects will be chosen that will participate in the Matchfunding stage, where each real collected via crowdfunding will be tripled by the BNDES. Projects that are not selected by the committee will be able to apply to participate in traditional crowdfunding. 

The value of the fund available for this call, as well as the number of projects selected for the Matchfunding stage, will only be known in March 2021. This fund is made up of the remaining value of the campaigns of the second BNDES Matchfunding call, in 2020. total of the 3 calls (2019, 2020 and Lab Edition) the BNDES will invest up to R$4 million in projects.

Applications for the Lab Edition of the program can be made at Benefactor website until the 18th of December. Only non-profit Brazilian legal entities governed by private law can apply. 


Last year, of the 20 projects selected, 18 reached their fundraising goals and were made possible with the support of more than 4 thousand benefactors who, together with the BNDES, invested more than R$4.5 million in the campaigns. Yasmin Youssef, Benfeitoria's Special Partnerships Manager, says that 60% of them had never supported a heritage project before and that 44% of them had never supported projects via crowdfunding. Yasmin also said that the program has trained more than 7,000 people online and in person (when events were possible) in crowdfunding since 2019.

Three of the selected projects from the previous edition are currently being raised on the channel. And soon more will be released. “The invitation this year is twofold – collaborate with a project or submit your own”, said Leonardo Letelier, CEO of Sitawi, which adds: “matchfunding has proven to be a powerful instrument to unite all social spheres towards a single objective, ensuring that the sponsor's investment is directed exclusively to projects with collective interest and engagement. It is, without a doubt, a form of promotion that is here to stay”.

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