CEO of Sitawi in the newspaper O Globo

Sitawi's CEO, Leonardo Letelier, tells a little about his story and the motivations that led him to change his life and become a social entrepreneur.kodiak parajumpers

In 2006, after eight years as a McKinsey consultant, Leonardo Letelier received two job inquiries: from a private bank European who was going to settle in Rio and the NGO CDI. It was odd that he had been equally excited by two such different things. ?I found out I wanted to join the business to social, that is, using my corporate experience to do something with a transformative effect?, says the 39-year-old. He then created a pioneering project in Brazil: Sitawi ? Finances for Good, a non-profit social fund that lends money to NGOs at interest rates well below the market (7,25% per year) and with less bureaucracy.

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