Our Theory of Change

Our special sauce

Our ability to develop and operate innovative finance structures tailored to social/environmental impact delivery challenges — funding and capabilities — faced by organizations/initiatives and enable impact with strong compliance practices supported by distinguished reputation as an intermediary within philanthropic and impact investment ecosystems.

Who and

Philanthropic and impact-first organizations and initiatives in need of financial and/or technical assistance support in Brazil, especially those not served by the traditional market. served by the traditional market.


Partners, Accelerators, Donors and Institutional Investors, Philanthropists, Impact Investors, and Companies.


Organizations/initiatives are financially and institutionally more robust, through one or more of the following: 

Adequate funding

Adequate strategy

Skilled leadership

Connected to impact network

Measuring their impact

Ultimate Social Goal

A better and sustainable future, measurable by:

Area preserved

Income generated

Number of coops

Revenue increase

Community access to basic infrastructure


Identifying/developing "relevant" impact projects, programs, organizations, financial structures and potential funders

Facilitating access to adequate funding for philanthropic and impact first initiatives/orgs

Building capability for philanthropic and impact first initiatives/orgs

Strengthening the context of impact/ philanthropy ecosystems in Brazil through knowledge dissemination and sector-wide advocacy and initiatives


From an approach perspective, capital is key (and Sitawi helps to access it), but it's not everything. Social/Environmental impact leaders must know how to obtain it, manage it, invest it in increased effectiveness and efficiency of their initiatives.

From an area-perspective, there is more complementarity of types of organizations/initiatives rather than a hand-over of them from one area to the next

Likewise, a smoother playing field is beneficial to all initiatives and supportive of all approaches.

See our theory of change!

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