COP15: Sitawi's role in biodiversity conservation

The COP15 on Biological Diversity, which took place in December 2022, involved more than 190 countries and adopted the Global Biodiversity Framework, which outlined 4 goals and 23 goals to be achieved for biodiversity conservation by 2030. The agreement provides, among other commitments, the protection of at least 30% of land and sea, in addition to explicitly recognizing the rights and territories of indigenous peoples and local communities.

Sitawi has experience in developing financial instruments and solutions to ensure a new economy in harmony with nature. Through territorial programs, we idealize, plan and implement strategies that conserve biodiversity and safeguard sustainable ways of life. In addition, we design blended finance mechanisms, in which different types of capital are combined to promote a positive socio-environmental impact on our planet.

These are some examples of our actions in Conservation and Climate Finance to contribute to the Global Biodiversity Framework. And together we can do more!

Find out, in full, how Sitawi is aligned with the goals and objectives of COP15

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