EcoService receives Social and Environmental Loan from Sitawi

THE Eco Service provides products focused on sustainability technologies, such as solar heating and solar energy systems, eco-surfaces and rainwater harvesting systems. The company has an average growth of 150% per year since its foundation, working with large construction companies and major players in the food, clothing and financial segments.

Hélio Bonito Jr., founder of EcoService, says that he arrived at Sitawi on the recommendation of Sistema B Brasil, as they are a certified B company. “The main differential was the attention and availability of Sitawi members during the evaluation process of our company”, says Hélio.

Asked about the importance of the loan for the current moment of his business, he says that “it allowed the company to immediately start attributing a positive net margin. From there, we were able to carry out a medium-term plan and assign cash generation targets. We can breathe!”




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